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Brent Norris

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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

To somehow help humanity traverse the evolutionary leap to inter-planetary species. For design inspiration. For sustainable technologies. A moon habitat would be inspirational and would likely advance human potential.

I'm Passionate About
  • Try to understand how AI might create abundance

  • Shifting fear and scarcity into abundance and opportunity
  • Human empathy and compassion in natural designs
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Gratitude has helped me to learn to live lightly on the land and create positive impacts for design clients.

Vipassana and nature have humbled me. I like to play and work too much and obsess on opportunities for human consciousness.

University dropout with a strong desire to return to school at 90. Relentless pixel-pusher and WordPress user. Mostly mindful with a keen eye on sensory illusions.

Simplifier and Presenter of Technical Things. Surfer, skater, snowboarder.

Co-founder of Green Collar Technologies and Ipswich Automation. Treehouse builder, TEDx Mentor

How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters
  • We will bring new ideas to space
  • Create open source hardware and software solutions
  • Process control and automation robotics
Let's Talk About

Impossible Design

My Areas of Expertise
  • Designing with nature, high-purpose teamwork / listening / teaching

  • Authentic designs with good intention and ROI
  • AI's role in human awareness
  • Digital design and emerging technology feasibility