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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

Expand Earth's economic sphere into cislunar space and beyond. A moon base would pave the way for space tourists, mining industries, refueling stations, and burgeoning private industries.

I'm Passionate About

Inspiring the next generation of space explorers by developing a global network of  LEAP2/LCATS Space-STEM communities through the relationship between community-based STEM education and space exploration for workforce development & entrepreneurship.

Professional Biography

Samuel W. Ximenes, Space Architect

Founder and CEO, XArc Exploration Architecture Corporation
Founder and Board Chair, WEX Foundation

Sam Ximenes has over 25 years’ experience in the aerospace industry providing products and services to NASA and international space programs. He worked for Grumman Corporation developing space station cabin architectures and led NASA Level II design integration efforts of the Japanese and European laboratory modules for NASA’s space station program. He has held executive management positions at Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, and Futron Corporation where he was responsible for growth and development of business strategies for their respective business units in advanced programs and technology insertion for space systems. In 2007 he founded XArc to provide space architecture services for commercial spaceport design and for development of space exploration initiatives for planetary surface systems for habitation and human settlement.

How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters

Our Lunar Ecosystem and Architectural Prototype (LEAP2) international consortium develops technologies and education for lunar settlement. LEAP2 addresses space architecture research in lunar exploration, economic development, mining, and sustainment

Let's Talk About

Our Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) program. Working within the LEAP2 framework, the LCATS program provides real-world context for students to assist aerospace professionals solve actual space exploration technology development challenges.

My Areas of Expertise
  • Space Architecture
  • Concept Development
  • Technology Development
  • Infrastructure and Surface Systems
  • Mission Operations
  • Business Development
  • Proposal Management
  • Project Management
  • Space-STEM Education