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Inter-Agency Cooperation
Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

An international lunar base will be an important catalyst for international R&D in several areas of critical importance for human prosperity, including robotics, AI, resource-constrained food/water/health, and zero-carbon energy technologies.

I'm Passionate About

My particular interest is in the role of public and private R&D in providing critical innovation pathways for developing solutions for Earth sustainability, particularly food/water/energy for a planet of 10 billion people. Also: space exploration!

Professional Biography

Burke Burnett is Executive Secretary of the Pacific Science Association (founded in 1920). In his 25 year career he has worked at the Smithsonian Institution, Conservation International, and other organizations & businesses. His unique skill set was developed in working with a wide variety of stakeholders: scientists, NGOs, corporate & governmental organizations, and local communities in the Asia-Pacific. More recently he has been actively engaged in climate science & policy, and is keenly interested in the critical role of technology innovation to economic progress, prosperity, and sustainability.

Degrees: M.A. (International Economics), Johns Hopkins University - School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS), 1991. B.S. (Political Science), Southern Methodist University, 1987.

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The Pacific Science Association (PSA) is a regional non-governmental, scholarly organization that advances science & technology in the Asia-Pacific region by actively promoting interdisciplinary & international meetings, research, and collaboration.

Let's Talk About

The time I was almost eaten by an 18-foot saltwater crocodile.

My Areas of Expertise

My professional experience has been in working with policymakers, research scientists, and communities in Asia & the Pacific on a wide variety of scientific & technological subjects, and how these different sectors interact to support societal goals.