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Haym Benaroya

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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

The Moon, a place to build cities where humans can thrive by learning about low-g biology, physiology, psychology, how to build and maintain structures and machines. It is something that I have studied for 25 years and will continue to be a part of.

I'm Passionate About

I am passionate about education in general, engineering and scientific education in particular, providing opportunities to students to excel to their maximum abilities, research in engineering, policy and governance, and philosophy.

Professional Biography

My research interests are focused on the preliminary modeling of structures for extreme environments, in particular, ocean and lunar. A large fraction of the modeling is devoted to the characterization of the environment. Analytical tools from dynamics, mechanics and probability result in mathematical models that help us understand the essence of the problem.

My degrees are from The Cooper Union, and The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. I was a Senior Research Engineer at Weidlinger Associates, New York, for eight years before joining Rutgers University in 1989.

I am an Elected Member of the International Academy of Astronautics, who in 2012 awarded my book: Turning Dust to Gold - Building a Future on
the Moon and Mars, the Best Engineering Sciences Book.

I have mentored twelve students to their PhDs and a similar number to their MS degrees, am an author of about 80 refereed journal publications, two text books, and two research monographs.

How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters

I have studied and written about lunar structures and issues surrounding these, and can contribute to the evolution of concepts.

Let's Talk About

Talk to me about what you want to accomplish, what are the mileposts, and how you plan to reach your goals.

My Areas of Expertise

My areas of expertise are structures, probabilistic modeling, dynamics, and related fields.