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James Logan

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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

A viable long term economically sustainable moon base is the next logical step. If mankind cannot or will not do this, it has no business in the solar system beyond Earth - except robotic exploration.

I'm Passionate About

Expanding Earth's econosphere into the solar system.
Public/Private Partnerships to leverage the best aspects of the government and private sectors for off-world commercial applications

Professional Biography

Dr. Jim Logan held numerous positions in his twenty two-year career at NASA including Chief of Flight Medicine and Chief of Medical Operations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. He served as Mission Control Surgeon, Deputy Crew Surgeon or Crew Surgeon for twenty-five space shuttle missions and Project Manager for the Space Station Medical Facility, developing the initial design for a telemedicine-based inflight medical delivery system for long duration missions. The first Provost of International Space University, he is a founding board member of the American Telemedicine Association and co-founder and CEO of the Space Enterprise Institute, a non-profit 501c3 educational foundation. Board certified in Aerospace Medicine and recipient of NASA's Distinguished Speakers Award, Dr. Logan has been featured on PBS, the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, numerous radio talk shows and a variety of print and online publications.

How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters

The three biggest challenges to any human-tended lunar base are Flight Dynamics, Bioastronautics (psychophysiological adapatation, or lack thereof, to the deep space environment) and Power. My organization can provided substantive input in all three.

Let's Talk About

How to maximize synergies of evidence-based design, human concept of operations and telerobotics

My Areas of Expertise

Clinical Space Medicine - enhanced by modern telemedicine techniques
Long-duration exposure to the deep space environment
Design and operational aspects of enhanced radiation protection
Concept of Operations optimization for BEO ops
Crew selection