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Gary Barnhard

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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

A moon base becomes an integral part of off-planet infrastructure supporting research; technology development, demonstration, and deployment; training, and space operations as a way station as well as being an extraordinary place to visit/live.

I'm Passionate About

Keenly interested in robotic space systems engineering and advanced automation/artificial intelligence, innovative architecture, complex systems engineering challenges, and fostering space development.

Professional Biography

Gary Pearce Barnhard - a self-described synergistic technological philanthropist, entrepreneur, and serial venture capitalist now serving as the President & CEO of Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc. (XISP-Inc) focused on International Space Station leveraging technology development, demonstration, and deployment missions. The first XISP-Inc commercial mission, Space-to-Space Power Beaming, is the foundation for the Lunar Power & Light Company, a Cislunar electrical utility intending to service markets from the Karman Line (1oo km) through to the surface of the Moon. He is a robotic space systems engineer whose professional work includes a wide range of robotic, space, and computer systems engineering projects. He received a NASA Group Achievement Award for the Robotic Systems Integration Standards Interface Design Review Team. He is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, a life member/BoD member of the National Space Society, and President of the Space Development Foundation.

How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters

Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc (XISP-Inc) is building a pipeline of space technology development, demonstration, and deployment missions.

Space Development Foundation invests resources in interventions to foster space development.

Let's Talk About

Making constructive trouble in virtually any aspect or sector the space business -- not just waiting for the future, helping to build it!

My Areas of Expertise

Robotic, space, and computer systems engineering as well as aerospace structures, materials science,  and controls.  Near real-time state models, adaptive control systems, and power/data beaming technology development, demonstration, and deployment.