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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

As Earth’s eighth continent, the Moon is our stepping stone toward becoming a multi-world species. The discovery of water and precious resources on the Moon provide us the opportunity to expand our economic and social sphere to the Moon and beyond.

I'm Passionate About

My life is vested into creating international institutions and enterprises necessary to create a peaceful and prosperous multi-world spacefaring civilization.

Professional Biography

Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards is a space entrepreneur and futurist. He is a Co-Founder of the International Space University, Singularity University, SEDS, the Space Generation Foundation and Moon Express, Inc., where he currently serves as President and CEO. Bob chairs the Space Commerce Committee of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, serves on the board of the Space Foundation, and is a member of the International Institute of Space Law. Bob convened and co-chaired the 2005 International Lunar Conference & is a member of The Hague Space Resources Working Group and the International Lunar Exploration Working Group. Bob studied aerospace and industrial engineering at Ryerson University; physics and astronomy at the University of Toronto; and space science at Cornell University where he became special assistant to Carl Sagan. Bob is an evangelist of the "NewSpace" movement and has been a catalyst for a number of commercial space ventures.

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Moon Express is a privately funded commercial lunar transportation company with a long term goal of unlocking lunar resources. We are located at Cape Canaveral and have 5 launches contracted supporting 3 maiden robotic lunar expeditions by 2020.

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You. (I've never learned anything by talking about myself).

My Areas of Expertise

Commercial space entrepreneurship

International space development

U.S. and Global Space Policy & Politics

Business, Finance & Fundraising

Spacecraft & mission engineering

Education, motivation & inspiration