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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

Reasons are: Earth Observation, Solar observation, Planetary/asteroid observation, scientific exploration inc. seismic activity, helium 3, telescope on far side of Moon, staging facility for deeper space exploration, robotic testing, etc.

I'm Passionate About

Helping  promote implementation of an international lunar facility (robotic initially) within a decade.

Professional Biography

Mr. Day brings over thirty years of experience in sales, marketing, strategy, and general management in the telecommunications, chemical, textiles and electronics industry in the US, European and Japanese markets (IVA LTD, COMSAT, DuPont and Courtaulds). He was CEO of International Ventures Associates(IVA LTD.), a private business strategy firm in Washington, DC that advised large, medium and small telecommunications and IT companies in major markets worldwide.

Mr. Day was a founding member, and chairman, of InfoConversions, a Maryland based software services business that converted legacy documents to XML. Mr. Day has been a member of two NASA advisory boards; was chairman of JUSTSAP, the Japan-U.S. Science, Technology and Space Applications organization; is a member of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Corporation Board plus other boards, and was an adjunct professor at the Kogod business school at American University and Delaware University. He has two degrees (UK & U.S).

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Decades promoting lunar exploration. Ex chairman of JUSTSAP, co-founding member of PISCES (~2005), ex chair of Hawaii aerospace committee, paper co-presented IAC 2014 Toronto International Lunar Research Park (ILRP), NASA Advisory Committees.

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Not sure what this is.

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Commercial Space projects - was VP at COMSAT for ten years. Broad gauged executive, now semiretired.