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Peter Schubert

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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

To separate materials for making solar panels to supply GEO satellites delivering clean power to earth.  To produce construction materials for habitats and vessels.  Make propellants for to/from asteroid transport for polymers, electronics, and PGMs.

I'm Passionate About

Converting in-space materials into useful products to reduce and eventually eliminate dependence on the earth for sustained operations in space.  This includes recycling of used materials, waste-to-energy, 3D printing, and living off the land.

Professional Biography

Schubert: Tenured full professor in Electrical & Computer Engrng, Director: Renewable Energy Center, CEO Green Fortress Engineering, Inc, licensed Professional Engineer, inventor of 41 issued US patents + 13 in EU, author of 100+ technical papers, principal on $6M of funding from NASA (2 projects), NSF, DOE, DoD, USDA, GSA, and State agencies.  Principal of 2 technology companies, board member The Andromeda Movement, Inc. awarding scholarships for aerospace students, faculty advisor for SEDS ("Rocket Club") at IUPUI (Indianapolis, USA).  Former board member of The Moon Society and the National Space Society.  Active research into space solar power and in situ resource utilization.  Fulbright Specialist, Vomit Comet scientist, 4 visits to NASA HQ.  Vegan for 27 years, bicycle commuter 14 months, lunatic (Mars is fine, but I'm all about the Moon! and using her resources to save The Earth).

How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters

Four US patents on extraction of oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, titanium, and a refractory slag useful for bricks or ablation targets (for station keeping).  My team will design and analyze the factory machines needed on Luna to build stuff there.

Let's Talk About

Powersats made of lunar materials.

My Areas of Expertise

Innovation, entrepreneurship, grant writing.  Engineering design, analysis, costing.  Risk analysis, project management, written & verbal communication.  Public outreach, government lobbying, education, inspiration.