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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

Exploring space is vital to human species survival. Life on earth will eventually depend on access to & use of  resources beyond earth.  A permanent MoonBase is next logical step beyond ISS. Acceptable risk, sure economic return, Mars stepping stone.

I'm Passionate About

Human space exploration, especially beyond LEO. Doing all I can to facilitate a long-overdue return of humans to the lunar surface to establish a permanent, internationally staffed, lunar habitat.

Professional Biography

Joining NASA in '66 as an Apollo CM Instructor, I trained A1-15 crews at KSC. Relocating to JSC in '71, I worked with A16-17 crews, other eng's & U.S.G.S. scientists developing lunar surface EVA procedures. I then cont'd at JSC developing flight ops procedures for the Apollo-Soyuz msn. I served as Shuttle Flight Data File Mngr, ISS Skunk Works member & ISS Ops Task Force member. I managed the Lvl II ISS Ops Rqmts Dev Off & later supported the HQ Lunar/Mars Exploration Off. From '90-'94, I managed NASA's contract w/SPACEHAB, Inc.(SHI). Leaving NASA in '94, I became SVP of Flight Ops at SHI. I joined JAMSS America, Inc.(JAI) in '06 as President. My JAI work included JAXA ISS support; Cygnus mission support to Orbital Sciences; & PI for the GLobal AIS on Space Station (GLASS) payload. GLASS downlinked AIS ship tracking data to the U of HI and many global maritime community orgs. Now retired, my involvement with human space initiatives such as International Moon Base Alliance continues!

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Retired after a 51 year aerospace career, I have trained Apollo astronauts in lunar surface ops. I understand how difficult lunar habitation is as well as its inherent operational risks. My experience & professional contacts will be of great benefit.

Let's Talk About

My lifetime journey: space exploration

My Areas of Expertise

Multi-Prog Human Space Flight Ops in LEO & on Lunar Surface. Commercial space ops mgmt. Professional contacts with univ/public/private sector program/project level leaders. 20+ yr support to HI's JUSTSAP. Co-founder of PISCES. Maritime use of AIS.