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Michael Goldstein

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Public Relations
Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

The survival of the human race is dependent on a successful commitment to our Space Program. The momentum for exploration of John Kennedy MUST be            re-ignited. With  technological expertise, & commitment from the Private Sector and NASA, outposts will be established on the Moon, Mars and Beyond.

I'm Passionate About

Space exploration and the establishment of human settlements on the Moon, Mars and Beyond

Professional Biography

Former President of the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce, a business leader for over 35 years, a major Flower Grower on Hawaii’s Big Island, Officer and Board Member of multiple committees, Goldstein has always been a strong proponent of the Space Program.

Dedicated to the premise that “Privatization will bring us to Tomorrow and Beyond” Goldstein’s passion for space, exploration goes back to the days of the iconic movie “Destination Moon” & Kennedy’s space exploration initiatives.

Goldstein has been in attendance at many Aerospace Conferences since 2001 including JUSTSAP, PISCES & the Next Giant Leap (Directed by Jim Crisafulli & coordinated by Judith Fox-Goldstein.) As logistics advisor for the IMS, Goldstein provides input, & his business perspective, on the planning & implementation of IMS. With a strong background in operational management, marketing, brochure development & business, his contributions have been invaluable.

“Going back to Human Space Exploration is critical to our survival. Establishment of permanent habitats on the Moon, Mars & beyond is the next reasonable step. Eventually, we’ll need more than Earth’s resources to sustain humanity!


How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters
  • Individual support of political initiatives supporting our Space Program
  • Logistical support during Summit meetings
  • Business acumen and 35 years+ of business experience
  • Marketing skills
  • Inter – agency communication skills
  • Leadership skills
Let's Talk About

Commercialization of Space

My Areas of Expertise
  • Business acumen and 35 years+ of business experience
  • Marketing skills