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Judith Fox-Goldstein

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Public Relations
Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

It’s about survival, continuity of the human race and our evolutionary thrust towards a multi-planetary species. Inherently, we have always been explorers and pioneers and the Moon must, once again, be our next destination! The time is NOW! The technology, experience, knowledge, passion and momentum are in place. Building the MoonBase is the next critical step. The Moon is a stepping stone to the infrastructure we need to explore Mars and Beyond!



I'm Passionate About

Collaboration, community building, "Servant Leadership", mentorship, vesting in the next generation and building organizational capacity.  Effective organizational management and structure.

Professional Biography

IMS Implementation Director, Judith Fox-Goldstein, has a distinguished career in Organizational Management, Administration, Leadership, Program Development and Public Relations.

Named as “One of Hawaii’s Top 10 Women Business Leaders”, an Athena Recipient, Minority Advocate for the Island of Hawaii, Conference Professional of the Year and Past President of the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce and Destination Hilo, Judith established herself as a leader in the field of Scientific Conference Management, Educational Tourism, Higher Educational Administration, Mentorship and Entrepreneurialism.

Founding Director, & administrator, of the nationally acclaimed UH Hilo Conference Center, & the award-winning Hawaiian EDventure, (an international STEM &Cultural Enrichment Travel Program) Judith’s expertise in communication, public speaking and international community building, spearheaded both the Conference Center & the “EDventure Program” into the international spotlight. With more than 15 years of experience in the management of Aerospace conferences, Fox-Goldstein was well prepared to direct the implementation of the International MoonBase Summit.

Passionate about the concept of “Servant Leadership”, Fox-Goldstein encouraged the professional development & training of staff members and resources who worked in collaboration with programs under her direction at the University.  Committed to mentorship, & vesting in the next generation, Judith continues to foster talented students as they develop their potential & commitment to service.

Former Chair of the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, & the first recipient of the CFEE (Certified Festival & Events Executive”) in Hawaii, Judith continues to celebrate excellence and passion for service.  An accomplished public speaker, writer and mediator, Fox-Goldstein holds a B.A in Communication and Theatre Arts, a CFEE and continues her extensive graduate work in Higher Educational Administration and Gerontology.


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  • Organizational Management and Facilitation Skills
  • Community builder
  • Public Relations
  • Business Leadership Skills
  • Strong ties in the cultural community
  • Extensive experience in planning and implementation
  • Committed to the MISSION!
Let's Talk About

Building capacity and collaboration

My Areas of Expertise
  • 25 + Years in Organizational Management
  • Extensive experience in the implementation of scientific conferences/meetings
  • Skilled Communicator (Public Speaker/Writer/Editor)
  • Collaboration  (Mediator/Facilitator)
  • Leadership