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Why I Want to Build a MoonBase

Man must continue the exploration of our solar system and protract steps to colonize beyond Earth. A Moon Base will energize the human spirit towards achieving that endeavor and likely provide a viewpoint and perspective to better the stewardship of our current home. The technology necessary to build a moon base is within reach - launch vehicles, spacecraft, characterization of the lunar surface for minerals necessary for the construction and sustaining of life on the moon are ready to exploit.

I'm Passionate About

Enabling affordable responsive access to space that creates advantage to our national defense posture a la "Space Resiliency" while also expanding market potential in the space commerce domain of small satellites/cubesats both in the US and International marketplace.

Professional Biography

Mark Kaufman has over 37 years of leadership experience in the propulsion industry involving both liquid engine and solid rocket motor propulsion solutions. He is currently the Senior Vice President of X-Bow Launch Systems Inc. an organization developing affordable responsive means to space for the small satellite community. Prior to X-Bow he served as Executive Director of Programs at Aerojet Rocketdyne responsible for the Atlas V Booster development to first flight and more recently leading propulsion programs for both land and sea strategic deterrent missiles, booster stages for missile defense targets, and developing propulsion stages in cooperation with government-industry-academia partnerships for use in small launch vehicles. Prior experience at Pratt & Whitney as Director of Space Programs leading multiple technical/manufacturing teams for the Titan IV boosters, orbital upper stage propulsion systems, electro-mechanical actuation devices, and deep space Ion propulsion systems. Programs included the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS), Athena small launch vehicle, booster separation motors for the Space Shuttle, and electro-mechanical TVC for Delta III and IV upper stages. Noteworthy moon mission - Lunar Prospector launched 1998 and was one of the NASA Discovery Program missions designed to perform a low orbit investigation of the Moon, mapping the surface composition and locating lunar resources, measuring magnetic/gravity fields, and studying out-gassing events. Began career at Rockwell International as a combustion devices lead design engineer for the Space Shuttle main liquid rocket engines.

B.S. Engineering Mechanics & Materials 1980 - MBA 1990 - Secret Security Clearance - NASA Silver Snoopy Award Recipient


How I and/or my organization will contribute to building a MoonBase. - 250 Max Characters

Transport to/from the Moon Base will require launch, transport, and landing space craft. I will devote my 37 yrs of propulsion and launch vehicle experience, along with that of my launch services company in achieving mission objectives of the IMS.

Let's Talk About

Leveraging small biz tech for big result

My Areas of Expertise
  • Liquid engine and solid rocket motor propulsion technology
  • Program management of technology development, production, and fielding of aerospace systems
  • Leveraging Gov't small business incentive research funding instruments (SBIR) for technology development
  • Building coalitions of small business technology companies to create Prime like system level solutions
  • Developing business plans and value propositions to solicit investment capital